Our travels over week #1 to Desolation Sound

We realized that some of you might like to see our route as we headed north towards Desolation Sound.  This post is an accompaniment to Week 1.

First part of trip

Day 1, from Seattle, stopping at Pt Townsend (east of Pt Wilson) and heading north…

Second part of trip

Heading north across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, to the San Juans, through Mosquito Pass, and ending up at Reid Harbor, Stuart Island.  Following an overnight at Reid Harbor, we continued on to Bedwell for Canadian Customs, and then on…

third part

Leaving Bedwell, heading up to Clam Bay, where we spent the night before going through Porlier Pass and into the Strait of Georgia.

to copelands

Up the Strait of Georgia, to the east of Texada Island, to our anchorage in the Copeland Islands.

copeland to squirrel

From the Copelands, we headed north and spent a few days in Squirrel Cove, then headed over to Teakerne Arm, for our last anchorage of the first week.

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