Press Release from the Gyrfalcon

TFI Charters is pleased to announce that Captain Nancy Everds has recently earned her 100 Ton license from the US Coast Guard. This means that Captain Nancy is now fully qualified to run the Gyrfalcon, and that we can now offer full charter services.

Here is a photo of Captain Nancy showing off her new license

Captain Nancy with her 100 ton license

Captain Nancy with her 100 ton license

Meanwhile, Chief Engineer and Bottle-washer, Peter, will remain belowdecks, where (some would say) he belongs.

Please join us is congratulating Captain Nancy on this achievement.

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4 Responses to Press Release from the Gyrfalcon

  1. Joan Everds says:

    Wow, this is exciting! When will you start scheduling charter trips?

  2. bandjwheeler says:



  3. Ken Meyer says:

    Yea, Nancy. Congratulations on completing all the requirements and it is good to see you with the certificate. Take a bow! (or a stern, as you wish)
    Ken Meyer

  4. Kristi Larson says:

    Congratulations, Captain Nancy!

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