And the Winner is…

Things are moving along.  We are almost ready for our haul out – when we will replace the cutless bearings, repair the stuffing boxes, true the shafts and replace the suspect through hulls in the engine room. We had decided to take the Gyrfalcon across the Sound to Pt Townsend, since they have a 300 ton travel lift, the rates were a little lower, and they have a reputation for doing good work on wooden boats. Last week, we had Stephen Gale from Haven Boatworks in Port Townsend come over to Seattle to check out the Gyrfalcon. We agreed to have them do the work, and now have a date – we will haul out on March 13 (a Friday) at 8:30 am. Which means that on the 12th, we will slowly limp across the Sound on our bad bearings and weak through hulls with our collective fingers crossed.

I will be travelling on business for the entire month that the boat will be on the hard, and Nancy will be staying on a houseboat in Lake Union owned by our friend Ken Meyer (thanks Ken). Once we complete the work at Haven, we should have a genuine, functional vessel. We are very excited. We are spending the next few weeks getting the Gyr legal: putting up the running lights, getting a bell, making sure we have enough fire extinguishers, installing the VHF radio, getting the last mattresses for the guest staterooms (this last is not a legal requirement, but we will be taking a crew across the sound with us, and there will be a lot less grumbling if everyone has a mattress to sleep on).  Captain Nancy has been poring over the Coast Guard Regulations to make sure that we meet the requirements.

One of the reasons we decided to go to Pt. Townsend for the haul out was that the charges for the lift were considerably less than here is Seattle.  The haul out fees for our boat will be around $1000 at Port Townsend – about half of what we paid in Seattle last year. Storage fees are also less. These amounts all begin to add up to some real money over a month (the length of time that we anticipate the Gyrfalcon will be out of the water).

Several weeks ago we went to Seattle Boat Show. This year we went mostly to check out the latest electronic gear. We had a great conversation with the Furuno rep, and have decided to go with their gear. Of course while we are at the Boat Show, we spend a few hours going to all the exhibitors to see if there is anything we can’t live without. We did pretty well this year – we only came home with a few books and a couple of rolls of rescue tape!

A number of exhibitors have drawings every year – a free nights mooring, a free power wash, a free haul out. The Port of Port Townsend had a drawing for a free haul out. We both entered. We told them we needed to win, since we already had an appointment for a haul out.

Nancy has a theory that the best way to win a drawing is to crumple up your entry slip. That way it tends to rise to the top of the pile when they shake the container, and the drawer’s fingers are attracted to the irregular contours of the slip. I must admit that I have been less than convinced that her method makes any difference, but she believes in it, so I humored her.

We went to the Boat Show twice this year, and we filled out slips for the free haul out twice. We were there on the first weekend, and the container was already fairly full.

Yesterday Nancy got a call – she had won the drawing – our haul out in March will be free!. How cool is that? Not only did Nancy win a prize, using her Foolproof Method (I am now a Believer), but she won a prize for something that we are going to actually use. We think that this is a Good Omen for our upcoming Port Townsend Experience.

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One Response to And the Winner is…

  1. Diane E. Lander says:

    Wow – congratulations on the free haul out! That is SO great. See you soon. Olympus is getting hauled out May 5th. I didn’t win – and I crumpled up my entry too. But it is OK – I have already won so they probably would have disqualified me. Diane Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 18:43:03 +0000 To:

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