The Gryfalcon Project: A Graphic Representation.

The Gyrfalcon Project has been ongoing for just over a year now. As we approach the end of Phase I, we have been reflecting on ways to properly express the sheer size and complexity of this undertaking. Folks who have been watching the Blog and then actually came on to the boat have told us that they didn’t really have any conception of how big a project it was until they actually saw the Gyrfalcon – that the pictures didn’t do it justice (you know what they say: the camera takes off 100 tons!).

One way that we have liked is the graphic approach (after all, we are still researchers). Here then is a simple graph that we think pretty much nails the experience:

Gyrfalcon Project: Money vs. Sense

Gyrfalcon Project:  Money vs. Sense

Here’s how to interpret the graph: When we started this project, we had a lot more money than we did sense. A year later,  as we approach the end of Phase I, our money and our sense are just about equal, and we never had a lick of sense!

We have been working hard on the interior, and should have several updates in the near future.




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