That’s Ma Capitaine, s’il vous plais

We are pleased to announce that Nancy has successfully completed the coursework and examination for her Coast Guard Captain’s license, and is to henceforth be addressed as “Sir”, or is it “Madam”?

I’m not suggesting that this has gone to her head, but as you can see from the photo, it is fairly clear who will be giving orders, and who will be swabbing decks

Captain Nancy, with her motley crew

Captain Nancy, with her motley crew

The course ran three nights a week since September. She also spent the last two weekends studying non-stop to get ready for the exam. She likens it to the Board exam – an experience she swore she would never repeat.

In addition to her power certification, she also got the sail endorsement. As usual, the energy levels of this woman are amazing.

The only downside that I can see is that I am now required to address her as Ma Capitaine at all times, and to follow a respectful 10 paces behind.

“Yes, Sir, Ma Capitaine!”

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8 Responses to That’s Ma Capitaine, s’il vous plais

  1. Ashton says:

    That’s great, too funny. Glad you still have the energy!!

  2. K Meyer says:

    Congratulations, et felicitations à vous “ma Capitaine” Bonne chance. Ken

  3. Dorin Robinson says:

    The real question is this – – under what circumstances do we salute her? Whatever the proper circumstances may be – – you have my heartiest congratulations.

    Dorin (cle Illahee)

  4. Then I guess the world is in order – it’s all as it should be….

  5. Casimir A. Ziezio says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Just perhaps you might wish to dispose of any planks large enough to be lashed over the side. Maybe not.

  6. Ann Hay says:

    As it should be.   My best to you, Captain Everds.


  7. Doug Brusig says:

    I was in her captains class and wanted to let all of you to know she was TOP student of all of us with the best score. She recieved the prized yellow captains hat which I hope she will show you!
    Doug Brusig

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