Our first guests

We had our first overnight guests last week. My daughter Emily, her husband Jeremy, and their friend Nataly came to Seattle for a week. We had been using their visit as a hard deadline for some of our projects inside the boat. We have been staging the painting in the various staterooms. Our stateroom is basically complete (there are few patches that need to be completed). One of the guest staterooms has been sealed and primed, and the second guest stateroom has been sealed. We also got mattresses for both of the beds. After the struggle to get our queen mattress down the steps into our stateroom, we opted for an easier solution. We bought 2 memory foam mattresses. They come vacuum packed in plastic, so they are very small – a long box which is less than a foot across, so that they get down the stairs easily. Once they come out of the box, we laid them out on the beds, and cut the plastic wrappers. Within minutes, they were 10 inch thick mattresses. Pretty cool. And the kids said they were great to sleep on.

The visit was also an opportunity to test the various systems in the boat, and to see how easily they worked for guests. The heat worked perfectly: they were able to adjust their staterooms using the thermostats; they also discovered that the portholes worked and supplied fresh sea breezes into the room. The forward shower is below water level, so one needs to remember to turn on the pump in the shower before turning on the water; there were no reports of floods, so apparently they figured that one out (although Emily told me she showered upstairs in the day shower, so she wouldn’t have to worry about remembering the pump switch). The toilets were a bit more problematic: one of them clogged – probably because it hadn’t been used much, and shortly thereafter a second quit working, so I thought we had a systemic problem. Not so: we unclogged the first, and discovered that the second had stopped because the switch for the vacuum pump had been inadvertently turned off. We’ll put a guard over the switch so it won’t happen again. Water and ice worked as advertised. They are all coffee drinkers, while we have given it up, so there were some grumpy decaffeinated moments until I went to the store and got a supply of Via. Washer and drier presented no problems. These are all good things to know for future guests.

The only strong comments came from Jeremy – he is over 6 feet tall and  managed to bump his head on several low-lying obstacles. He said that most of them were just a nuisance, but the corners of the hood over the stove (stainless steel hard right angles) were especially bad. I think we may consider issuing helmets to tall guests in the future.

We don’t have furniture on the Gyr yet, so we sat on the two stools at the counter in the salon and two folding camp chairs that we had. I think things will be more comfortable with some furniture. We are unloading a few boxes at a time with the goal of having things stored and room for furniture in the next week or so.

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One Response to Our first guests

  1. K Meyer says:

    Congratulations to you on your on boat living. Glad to hear all systems are working even tho you need a living on-board user manual for the guests. Bumped the hull when I came by last Sunday when rowing, but raised no one. At least you don’t have to wait in line to use the “library” each morning like at most marinas. Anxious to take a tour. I see you left the berth for around the corner. When will you move to the Ewing street address? Ken of the Patamar

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