The Coach Roof is Done!

The biggest project on the Gyr has been the coach roof repairs. Gordy has been working on replacing the roof and many of the beams and building the cap and the handrails since October. He has done a beautiful job. In the last week or so, the flat surface has been glassed and epoxied and faired (so that everything is the same height and smooth). Over the weekend, the first of two coats of primer was applied.

The almost completed coach roof with its first coat of primer

The almost completed coach roof with its first coat of primer

After the second coat of primer, the roof will be painted with a light grey All-grip paint, the cap rail and the hand rail will be painted cranberry (the same color as the trim currently on the boat).

We are moving quickly, which is good, because we have accelerated the timetable. We had planned to put the house on the market in May. However, our Realtor told us that the market was finally heating back up and that there was no inventory in Queen Anne, and that we would get the best price if we listed sooner rather than later. So our leisurely preparation for May became a sprint to get the house listed by the end of March! We have spent the last two weeks packing boxes, having the house painted, having landscaping done, have concrete repair work done on the garage and a fence post reattached, as well as having a mini-remodel in the upstairs bathroom.

It has been a circus with workmen coming and going constantly. I felt like I was in an episode of This Old House! On top of which one or the other of us (mostly me) has been out of town for a lot of the time. We are having an estate sale on the 16th of March, and plan to list the house on the 23rd. Whew. We are really flying. Who knows, perhaps I will even get motivated to write blog posts more often!  

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